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Peacemaker Bullet Covered Jar (thumbnail) 2A OK Bullet Covered Jar (thumbnail) Zombie Inoculator (thumbnail) Poppy Wars (thumbnail) 2A OK Bullet Covered Jar (thumbnail) Poppy Wars (thumbnail) Flaming Rocket Bouquet (thumbnail) Rain Dream 1993 (thumbnail) Little Boy Target Spikes (thumbnail) POWer Flower 2008 (thumbnail) Fat Man Boom Blooms (thumbnail) POWer Flower detail (thumbnail) POWer Flower detail (thumbnail) Cosmic Totems 1992 (thumbnail) Ceramics II (thumbnail) Ceramic Sculpture (thumbnail) Ceramics I (thumbnail) Sculpture I (thumbnail) Ceramics II (thumbnail) Sculpture I (thumbnail) Ceramics II (thumbnail) Sculpture I (thumbnail) Ceramics II (thumbnail) Ceramics II (thumbnail) Ceramic Sculpture (thumbnail) Ceramics I (thumbnail) Ceramics I (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) Sprouts and Bud Spiral 1995 (thumbnail) Wall Dots, Targets and Flowers (thumbnail) Wildflower, Bullseyes and Bombs (thumbnail) Lady Bugs (thumbnail) Big Yellow Bug (thumbnail) Fall Rio Abajo (thumbnail) Pokers (thumbnail) Pop Up (thumbnail) Wildflower, Bullseyes and Bombs 2002 (thumbnail) Wildflower, Bullseyes and Bombs 2002 detail (thumbnail) MUKADE (thumbnail) MUKADE detail (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) Sculpture I (thumbnail) Sculpture I (thumbnail) 3D Design (thumbnail) Cearmics Lab (thumbnail) Cearmics Lab (thumbnail) Poppy Wars (thumbnail) Zombie Inoculator (thumbnail) Huerfano by Augustine Romero 2014 (thumbnail) Untitled (thumbnail) Bob Warren 2010 (thumbnail) 40 Years of Photography by Carol Fisher 2012 (thumbnail) Western Juried Invitational 2009 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2015 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2014 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2013 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2012 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2011 (thumbnail) Faculty and Staff 2015 (thumbnail) Faculty and Staff 2014 (thumbnail) Faculty and Staff 2013 (thumbnail) Faculty and Staff 2009 (thumbnail) Un/Natural Group Exhibition 2014 (thumbnail) Faculty and Staff 2012 (thumbnail) Pastels by Mark Kerns 2015 (thumbnail) Two Perspectives on Art: Roger and Jane Hocking 2016 (thumbnail) Fragmentary Visions Sandra Joy Hill and David Saiz Exhibition 2015 (thumbnail) Mary Lynn Akey Exhibition 2014 (thumbnail) Evan Dent Dirty Paper 2014 (thumbnail) Steve Pettit Painting Exhibition 2013 (thumbnail) Laura Wacha Painting Exhibition 2013 (thumbnail) Egan Ulbricht "We Waste Ourselves" 2013 (thumbnail) David Coker and Valdis Garoza Recent Works 2013 (thumbnail) Photography by Rosalind Ogawa 2012 (thumbnail) Flora and Fauna by Donna Van Leer 2012 (thumbnail) Daniel Ludwig Watercolor Paintings and Prints 2012 (thumbnail) Divine Feminine by Elaine Soto (thumbnail) Rodeo Road Photography by Philip Leimbach (thumbnail) Owl Show A Photo Documentary of our Campus Owl Family 2011 (thumbnail) Karl Hluska Drawings and Paintings Exhibition 2011 (thumbnail) David MacDonald Metal Works (thumbnail) Roger Martinez Photography 2010 (thumbnail) Renee Brainard Gentz 2010 (thumbnail) Jo Phillips Needle Felted Woll and Ceramics Exhibition 2010 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2010 (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2009 (thumbnail) Janet Bray Paintings 2009 (thumbnail) Cowboy Show 2008 (thumbnail) Shades of Blue Fiber to Finish 2008 (thumbnail) Kristen Peterson and Juan Ramos Photography Show 2008 (thumbnail) Armed and Polite (thumbnail) DUD (thumbnail) Spikey Target Flower (thumbnail) Santero del Rio Abajo 2016 (thumbnail)
Faculty and Staff 2009 (large view)
Faculty and Staff 2009