Artist Statement

The sculptures and installations I create are a continuous exploration of the concept "might equals right/right equals might" and the balance of peace enforced and/or disrupted via bombs and second amendment gun rights in the United States. They are representative of a deeply personal individual right to exist within our nations construct.


The aesthetics I've developed over twenty years are a hybrid of my Eastern training in traditional and contemporary Japanese ceramics and fascination with American pop culture. The use of dry muted surfaces juxtaposed with shiny contrasting colors creates an optic experience full of visual depth and chromatic intensity. My work is a visually stimulating experience to be appreciated as high craft and understood conceptually by a variety of audiences. Sculptures are designed to attract individuals, drawing them in, inviting thought and causing reaction.


To me the allure of art making is not just the discipline of the creative process, development of medium, or continual conceptual exploration, it's being able to openly express anything. It is the epitome of freedom.